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1. DailySurvival general rules.

1.1 - These rules apply everywhere. Whether this is on the forums, on the server or on Discord.

1.2 - The only allowed languages are English and Dutch.

1.3 - Harassing or discrimination against other players is not allowed.

1.4 - The use of inappropriate language, name calling or swearing with diseases is not allowed.

1.5 - Advertising of Youtube channels or Twitch channels is not allowed.

1.6 - Advertising other Minecraft servers is strictly forbidden. This includes mentioning IP-addresses or server names.

1.7 - Sharing or using data/images that are inappropriate, harmful, illegal or may violate the privacy of players are not allowed.

1.8 - Be patient when you ask staff members questions. They might be busy with something else. Spamming will not work in your favour.

1.9 - Do not ask a staff member constantly if he or she wants to comment on your ban appeal or report topic. Mentioning it once is enough.

1.10 - Sharing websites designed to obtain any benefits is not allowed.

1.12 - Typing in chat in caps lock (CAPITALS) is not allowed.

1.13 - Impersonating other players or staff members is not allowed.

1.14 - Scamming other players is not allowed.

1.15 - Abusing a bug/glitch/exploit is never allowed.

1.16 - The use of a double/alternate account is not allowed.

1.17 - Do not spam.

1.18 - It is not allowed to make a chunkloader of any kind

1.19 - Trying to break the server of any kind is not allowed.

↪️ Admins, Mods and the Owner can give a penalty on their own. Don't you agree? Contact another admin or the owner.

2. DailySurvival server rules

2.1 - The usage of mods/clients that give an unfair advantage is not permitted.

2.2 -

2.4 - Sexually orientated or inappropriate structures are not allowed.

2.5 - Creating a machine that causes lag is not allowed.

2.6 - The use of autoredstone is allowed.

2.7 - Bypassing a plugin is not allowed.

2.8 - Selling fake crate keys is not allowed.

2.9 - Sexually oriented or offensive user names, skins or buildings are not allowed.

2.10 - It is not allowed to trap players.

3. Survival server rules

3.1 - Griefing other players is not allowed.

3.2 - Scamming other players is not allowed.